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How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

When you purchase your first house you probably have so many things going in your mind that you forget about one very important aspect. It is important to know how to use a fire extinguisher so you can protect your home in case a fire breaks out. One of the most important things that you need to invest in is a reliable and powerful fire extinguisher. Once you already have it in your home do not just put it on display on your wall. Make sure that you actually know how to use it so that when a fire does break out you will know what to do right away.

This article will give you the most basic rules on how to use a fire extinguisher.

Here's how to use a extinguisher...

When you purchase your fire extinguisher the first thing that you need to do is to read the special instructions included in the package. Better yet, ask for a tutorial session from your supplier so that you get first hand instruction on how to use it even before you install it in your home.

You need to keep in mind that when a fire breaks out in your home, getting the fire extinguisher is NOT the first thing that you are going to do. Make sure that you call for help first before attempting to put the fire out yourself. Assess the fire and see if it is contained in one small area of the house only. Make sure that you already know where you are going to pass should the fire spread too fast and you will need to make a quick escape. If the fire has spread out and has grown uncontrollable, leave the extinguisher and run towards the safest place outside the house.

Once you have already assessed the situation properly, do not panic. Remember everything that you read about how to use the extinguisher then as calmly as possible, follow the PASS rule:

P – Pull the safety pin from the handle. This pin can be found on top of the extinguisher. Next, hold it with the nozzle making sure that it is pointed away from you. You may now release the locking mechanism which allows you to discharge the extinguisher.

A – Aim. Make sure to aim low and see to it that you are pointing the extinguisher at the base of the fire. Shooting into the flame will prove to be a waste of time. It is more important to stop the fire directly at its source.

S- Squeeze handle or lever as slowly as possible to release the agent. Keep your presence of mind at this time because you need to keep the handle down or else it will discharging the agent.

S – Sweep the nozzle from one side to the other approximately six inches over the fire until is fully expended. The sweeping motion is also meant to help extinguish the fire.

A few more tips for using a fire extinguisher:

  • You need to stand several feet away from the fire because extinguishers are meant to be used from a safe distance.
  • Do not panic when the fire flares because this usually happens due to the flames being pushed away from the burning material. It should die down promptly.

Ensuring the safety of your entire family should be your number one priority. Make sure that you invest in a quality fire extinguisher and that you know how to use it during emergencies. The most important thing to remember is that you have to stay calm when a fire breaks out. Recall all the steps that you need to take in putting out a fire with an extinguisher and implement them as carefully as possible without panicking. Have the presence of mind to implement the PASS rule and the moment that you see it growing out of hand, make a quick exit and let the trained firemen put out the fire for you instead.

Learn more about the history of fire extinguishers or contact us if you have questions or need a fire extinguisher inspection or service.