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Is Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System Outdated?

Fire safety is something that’s in the back of every home and business owner’s mind. Most people have fire insurance or at least homeowner’s insurance, and most homes usually have a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors. In addition to these common sense safety precautions, one should also consider the benefits of adding a fire suppression system to their building.

Most fire suppression systems are designed to automatically engage when a fire, smoke or a certain level of heat is detected. These systems often use water, chemicals, or another substance to eliminate the fire. They may also be tied into an alarm system that can automatically contact the fire department and warn inhabitants to evacuate.

Fire protection contractors, like Service Fire Equipment, can advise you about different options for such systems, quote prices, and offer installation services. However, once the system is installed, it is not something that the building owner can just forget about. It is essential that the system be maintained and inspected regularly. In most cases, companies that sell and install these systems will also maintain them for an additional fee, often an annual charge. Annual inspection and maintenance ensures that the system is working properly and will work when it’s needed. It’s no good having a fire suppression system that doesn’t kick in when it’s needed!

Fire suppression systems can help one keep their property and nearby structures protected in the case of a fire emergency. While the system may not totally stop the fire in it’s tracks, it can reduce damage and prevent the fire from spreading further. It’s an investment that can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs, damage, and heartbreak in a devastating fire.