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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher and the Importance of Recharging It After Use

Once every 24 seconds, a fire department responds to an emergency call regarding a fire. 

Is your business ready when it comes to fire protection? 

While developing an evacuation plan and assigning roles in your office is important, ensuring that you know how to operate a fire extinguisher -- and that those fire extinguishers are in working condition -- is also key. 

In this post, we'll walk you through the steps you need to know to understand how to use a fire extinguisher and discuss the importance of proper maintenance and recharging. 

We'll also tell you where you can go to find the top fire extinguisher sales and services in the Greater Dallas area.

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How to Put out a Kitchen Fire: 3 Manual and Automatic Methods

Knowing how to put out a kitchen fire quickly and effectively could save a life.

During a three year span, close to 8000 restaurant fires were reported across the U.S. each year. Most of these fires started in the kitchen.

At home, it's a similar story. Over a four-year period, domestic kitchen fires from cooking activities resulted in an average of 530 deaths per year. 

With planning and preparation, no one ever needs to find themselves in the face of a kitchen fire and not know how to put it out. Below are the three most effective ways to put out a kitchen fire.

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Vent Hood Cleaning: Why You Need to Clean Restaurant Vent Hoods on a Regular Basis

Complying with sanitary guidelines is a must for restaurant owners. Most people in the business know the basics of cleaning a restaurant, but sometimes a few things slip through the cracks. Vent hoods are one of them! No one ever seems to think to clean their vent hoods out every once in a while, but doing so is extremely important.

If you'd like to learn more about why kitchen vent hoods should be cleaned regularly, follow along. We'll also give you a quick guide on how to get a spotless exhaust fan.

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Which Fire Extinguisher is Best?

With so many different types of fire extinguishers from which to choose, selecting the right one for your property (residential or commercial) can be a bit intimidating. It is essential for everyone to have at least one fire extinguisher in their home or business. It is also equally important to make sure that you have the right type of fire extinguisher, as there are varied types of extinguishers suited for fighting different types of fires.

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Selecting Fire Extinguisher Brands

With all the different types of fire extinguisher brands available, it may seem a bit difficult to determine which one is the best. Fire extinguishers come in different classes to suppress different fire sources, so one of the things to consider when looking at various brands of fire extinguishers is what type of fire they can fight. When looking for the right brand, it is important to consider how well it can fight fires that are likely to occur in the home.

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How Do You Use a Fire Extinguisher?

When you purchase your first house you probably have so many things going in your mind that you forget about one very important aspect and that is protecting your home in case a fire breaks out. One of the most important things that you need to invest in is a reliable and powerful fire extinguisher. Once you already have it in your home do not just put it on display on your wall. Make sure that you actually know how to use it so that when a fire does break out you will know what to do right away.

This article will give you the most basic rules on how to use a fire extinguisher.

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How Dangerous is Fire Extinguisher Powder?

We are often asked, "how dangerous is fire extinguisher powder?" Fire extinguishers are generally looked upon as being a safety device, so not many people think about the potential dangers they hold. As with anything you bring into a home or workplace, it’s important to fully understand the devices used. While fire extinguisher powder is non-toxic, it is not entirely safe. The chemicals used are considered appropriate for home use, but you should take precautions to avoid touching or inhaling too much of the powder.

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How Does A Fire Extinguisher Put Out A Fire?

No matter how careful we are in our day-to-day lives, the chance of an accident happening is always present. Sometimes one of the most unfortunate events that can take place is a fire. Fires can spread quickly, and pose a tremendous risk to both property and persons in the area.

Fortunately, however, the are ways that a fire can be prevented. One of the most effective ways to combat fires before they become out of control is a fire extinguisher, and learning about how these devices are operated and work is an important aspect of owning them.

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How Do You Check A Fire Extinguisher?

Although a fire extinguisher may evade our thoughts and the particulars may be a mystery to most, the importance of understanding and maintaining these fire suppressant tools cannot be overstated. Perhaps the most important part of learning how to check a fire extinguisher is knowing the type you have, because several types are manufactured for dealing with fires of different kinds. One should also know how often to check a fire extinguisher and when it should be maintained to ensure that it can be used properly when needed most. Finally, it is beneficial to have a checklist prepared to decrease the possibility of misuse or item failure.

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