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Selecting Fire Extinguisher Brands

With all the different types of fire extinguisher brands available, it may seem a bit difficult to determine which one is the best. Fire extinguishers come in different classes to suppress different fire sources, so one of the things to consider when looking at various brands of fire extinguishers is what type of fire they can fight. When looking for the right brand, it is important to consider how well it can fight fires that are likely to occur in the home.

Amerex Fire Extinguishers

Amerex has a variety of portable and fixed fire extinguishers as well as an array of other state of the art devices for fire suppression and detection for homes and commercial establishments. There are several hand portable extinguishers such as a Class D stored pressure dry powder extinguisher as well as clean agent extinguishers. Amerex wheeled extinguishers are also EPA approved clean agent Class A, B and C hazards while industrial systems use fewer nozzles and less pipe so that they are ready to use when needed.

Ansul Fire Extinguishers

Ansul has long been a name in fire protection. Like many other brands it includes systems that are ideal for homes and other commercial establishments such as restaurants. For instance, there are several restaurant fire suppression systems that provide protection for appliances and create a fire free zone. Many of the portable extinguishers use stored pressure technology that make them ideal for fighting different fire sources. There are also water extinguishers that are best for Class A fires.

Badger Fire Extinguishers

Like many other brands, Badger has an array of extinguishers using different technologies and most ideal for different fire sources. An extra high flow extinguisher may work best with Class B fires, but an ABC multipurpose dry chemical stored pressure model may extinguish more than one fire class. Some extinguishers are meant specifically for some class fires including Class D and Class K. In addition to handheld designs, there are also wheeled designs with carbon dioxide, regulated or stored pressure technologies to suppress fires.

Kiddie Fire Extinguishers

Despite the name, Kiddie fire extinguishers are very serious. There are models that are designed to work more effectively with small home fires as well as others that work more effectively with fires that are likely to happen in commercial and industrial settings. In addition to older extinguisher models, there are models in the residential and pro series. For instance, the residential series helps homeowners choose extinguishers for each room of the house while the pro series helps business owners determine which extinguishers are best for likely fire risks.

Service Fire Equipment Can Help!

Looking at different fire extinguisher brands such as Amerek, Ansul, Badger and Kiddie can help homeowners and business owners determine what type of fire extinguishers work best for potential fire risks. It can also help those unfamiliar with class distinctions of fire risks find what types of risks are most likely to occur in the home or office so that anyone can make better decisions in choosing extinguishers. Here are Service Fire Equipment, we can help you choose the right fire extinguisher for the right job. Contact us now to learn more.